👑🎼Born in United States but raised in Cyprus Steven a veteran and versatile music producer/Writer/Former Martial Artist/Internet Entrepreneur owner/founder of " Gosh Fire Studios." Experience in music production, online marketing, blogging, accounting, auditing and more. Mainly the genres that he is focused on are Hip Hop, Trap, Electronic, Hip Hop/Rock, Urban, World, Arabic, Indian, Ethnic, spiritual in the sense making production sound modern to fit the 21st century but maintaining that spirituality. Music is his Life, helping others is his Passion. Life and Passion awaken Dreams. Puts his heart and soul into his work, and will give 100% of his time and talent to bring your dream to life.

Recently May 16th 2016 he has been Nominated award winner from the The Akademia Music Award for Best Dance/Urban/Hip Hop Song for ‘Freedom’ ... in the May 2016 Akademia Music Awards!

In June 2016 received his second award winning for the best Pop/World beat "Rebellious" ... ...

On August 19th 2016 received his third award winning for the best song Instrumental/Electronica Incomplete Beautiful Krissy ... On August 27th 2016 was announced Artist Spotlight of Akademia Music Awards.

On December 2017 receive his Entertainment Awards TMT News 2017 as the Best music production house.

Please visit his dynamic online presence at LinkedIn ... to learn more info about the amazing things he can do for people. Help move peoples artistic career forward and get their business buzzing or help them become a hit with family and friends! There's a song inside each of us, to be sung and shared. Let us here at help you achieve the success you desire and deserve. Let's Rock! 🎼👑

To artists

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Track Stems

This provides you with individually separated sound files or instruments, suitable for enhanced and in-depth mixing and mastering such as in a Pro Tools or Cu base session. This is an absolute must when mastering your tracks in a professional, industry-level environment.

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Gosh Fire Studios offers compelling beats at a much reasonable price so that you have access to all the beats required to keep your music career thriving. Gosh Fire Studios offers beats that are 50% to 80% less priced than the other sellers in competition.

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Custom Orders

We also take custom orders, meaning that you can create a propelling beat with us according to your drift starting just at $5 which is much less than hiring a local studio to work for you. Just go to our Fiver r Profile and get your beat rolling within days!


Steven AKA DJ Gosh Fire is a music producer, beat maker, sound engineer, blog writer and most of all, an experienced veteran in the musical industry. At Gosh Fire Studios, he also offers a service to provide consultation to new DJ and musicians/bands to grow their name and become successful at a very reasonable price. If you are new to this industry, then you must try this service as it might help you to kick start your career and become a successful artist.

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Are you making hot beats but struggling to make them sound "BIG" like the pros? Or are you a vocalist with banging beats and slick rhymes but can't get your recording to sound professional? Good news...we're here to help. Experienced in-house record producer, studio mixing engineer DJ Gosh Fire can give you the professional sound you are looking for, and it's much more affordable than renting a studio yourself! When you're ready just fill out the form, make payment and will get straight down to it, working on the mix or master until you are 100% satisfied with the results. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at ....

Price list

1) Beats/tracks
Leases = $24.99 - $49.99 together with contract
Exclusive Rights $149.99 - $399.99 together with contract.
Track out files = $34.99
Once purchasing beat automatically you receive your contract licenses together with the beat.

2) Mastering -
(1 track = $39.99)
(3 tracks = $94.99)

3) Mix -
(1 track = $89.99, more tracks please contact for discount)

4) Vocal edit and fix - ($79.99)

5) Vocal (Acappella) recording for any kind of production - ($249.99-$349.99)

6) Music production for singers or bands - ($199.99 - $249.99)

7) Remix to any kind of electronic music (House/Dance/Trance/Dub-step etc.) - ($99.99 - $109.99)

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10) Fiver r gigs services ...


DJ Gosh Fire tracks, beats are registered with PRs for music and recently with Song rite. Song rite offers a unique International Copyright Registration Service that permits songwriters, authors, creators and legitimate copyright owners the right to deposit copies of their original works (songs, music and lyrics) to be securely stored as legal evidence to provide corroborative support of rightful ownership in cases of infringement, plagiarism or other copyright disputes. It is an International Copyright Service:

A list of all countries we currently serve: Covers 162 of the (approximately) 190 countries in the world, including most major nations.

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